Medkom | About Us
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About Us

Medkom is a new generation Professional Congress Organization (PCO) & Destination Management Company (DMC), equipped many qualifications to meet your expectations with the highest standards & goals.

Beyond the meeting management, we have the solutions globally for medical content management, motivational meetings, international meeting organizations & digital meetings. We are a company that develops identities for events thinking that a communication concern exists for every event.

Medkom aims to be recognized as a dedicated, trust-worthy, high quality service delivering global meeting and event planning agency while growing and continuing good business relations with its customers.

To achieve this, we deliver consistent high quality, innovative, the fastest and the most completed services through lovable medico-marketing, chartable partnership and influential progress with a sense of passion, pride, team spirit based on our main pillars.

  • MICE and conference groups
  • Events and Gala Dinners
  • Incentives and business trips
  • Event service and event management
  • Determine the Venue
  • Digital Content developments / video, web page design, live casts.
  • Medical Content Management
  • Human Resources / Motivational-Company Meetings

Our Team

Mari Klodya Araz
İdil Gürsel Himmetoğlu
General Manager and Co-Founder
Ayşe Özdilli Irgın
Sales and Marketing Manager
Barbaros Çelikçevik
Sales and Marketing Manager
Damla Arı
Project Manager
Jülide Sızanlı
Project Manager
Murat Ülker
Project Assistant
Seda Mert
Project Assistant
Anet Bedik
Art Director
Kerime Kurt İşler
Accounting Manager
Muharrem Aysan
Technical Manager
Nurhayat Ava
Office Attendant