Medkom | Special Events
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Special Events

Owing to our structure capable of finding creative solutions to specific needs of our clients and that can evaluate the events before, during and after, we provide you a notion of “effective event”.

We call effective events, events that are not perfunctory, yet that transmit messages aimed to be given in rational ways.

Let’s plan an event together. From logistical organization to debater communication, from visual design to create animations, from venue selection to budget management; we provide you the most productive and creative projects.

With our logistic operation ability, our design power and strong communication support we provide before-during-after an organization. By means of the advertising agency within our structure, not only we ornament our operational power with effective visuals, but we also design the inner spaces of our events by ourselves. And off course we do the set up by our own and by doing so, we become able to produce impeccable and trouble-free works. To help the projects we produce be more effective, we associate with independent artists outside our creative team and thus get support by other disciplines. In such way, we are able to approach unusual projects in a multidisciplinary manner and generate effective solutions.